The Aegean and Mediterranean coast of Turkey is acknowledged to be one of the best cruising areas in Europe. Throughout the ages, its 5,000 miles of beautiful coastline, its pleasant climate and its vast natural assets have wooed travellers from four corners of the earth.
Magnificent coastal stretches fringed with tiny coves... Immaculate, turquise waters transparent and deliciously pure... Olive orchards, white and pink oleanders reaching down to golden beaches... Romantic fishing harbours... Friendly, fun loving folk of small villages... Ancient temples and theatres.
Here, you can waterski, windsurf, swim, fish, or snorkel to appreciate the marvellous aquarium of the seas where thousands of fish silently dart by in a world of colour. Or you can just lounge under a friendly sun, enjoy the peace and tranquility, and let time stop.
Adam Yachting  offers, at this extraordinary coastal, a fleet composed of gullets and motor yachts build with painstaking craftsmanship at the shipyards of Bodrum
You have the option to open the sail to the ports of your choice with the yacht of your desire. You can enjoy swimming at different bays with our luxurious and comfortable yacht.
Friendly, Understanding, Experienced Captain and Crew
Your captain holds an international licence and speaks English at least. He is a local seaman with vast experience, is thoroughly versed in these shores, and doubles as a guide. The crew consisting of 1 cook/sailor, 1 sailor/steward and 1 sailor/deckhand, hostes are there to attend to your every wish and let you enjoy the extraordinary freedom of choice Adam Voyages offer.

Culinary Delights
Meals freshly prepared on board feature delicious examples of the Turkish cuisine which is said to be one of the three great cuisines in the world. Needless to say that we are open to suggestions for alternative menus. The crew serves your meals, prepares your cocktails and drinks, then remains discretely in the background. Drinks are stocked before departure according to your preference.