In the morning we will leave for our next destination, usually a sail of two to four hours. We usually start after breakfast, although on sun mornings the boat is already underway before we get up. Reaching our destination there is often time to have a swim before lunch. In the afternoon we visit sites and we may change our places on request to spend the night some another nice bays.
What shall we take with us?
Since the day passes with swimming suits and shorts, only a few other clothes besides that will be needed for the evenings. You can organize your looks according to your tour’s plan.
Don’t forget your daily body care products. You will be under sunlight, so take some protective possessions with you (hats, sunglasses, and sunscreen)
During the tours before May or after September the cold is tougher. It can get a little chilly at nights, so a couple of sweaters are suitable There is an ability of stopping on any bay at any time, so you may need your sneakers.
Materials such as face, body and beach towels, mosquito repellents, snorkel gear, first aid kits are available on board.
After April, spring starts showing itself on the coasts of the Aegean, and the weather starts to warm rapidly. The temperature is between 18- 22° C.
During May, the temp gets pretty stable, and the average heat is between 24-26 ° C like November’s, though it’s still quite chilly in the evenings.
These are the ideal months to visit antique sites, trekking and swimming.
Between June and September, the weather is between 24-30° C, and the water temp is between 22-25° C. During these months, the weather and the water become the most enjoyable by all means.
Especially for those who take great pleasure to swim in a sea with the warmth left over by summer in September, it is an opportunity they shouldn’t miss.
From July-August, the coasts of Aegean, with its temp between 32-38° C, and the waters’ 24-27° C, are at its peak. This period represents high season. Seasons for children on break and for families who want enjoy the heat.

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