Food and Beverage
We provide all meals on board in two alternative selections.
1) We prepare a shopping list with our guests and make the shopping together. Guest pays the shopping cost.
2) We serve all meals and snacks on board by charging;
Up to six persons: 50 € per person / day
Up to eight persons: 40 € per person / day
Up to ten-twelve persons: 35 € per person / day
The full board cost does include soft - but not alcoholic - beverages.  It includes drinking water, tea, coffee.  
We stock the boat before you arrive with food and beverages of your choice.
On board you will find a menu which contains beside several selections of fish and meat dishes, fresh regional vegetables and fruits, which will be prepared and served daily at your request.
Breakfast typically consist of eggs (prepared to your choice:  omlette ,scrambled eggs etc.) tomatoes, olives, cheese, yoghurt, jam and honey, cereals, fruit, tea, coffee, milk and fresh orange juice. Lunch consist of some starters, vegetables prepared with olive oil and  and the supper consist of different starters, fish, meat, chicken, rice, pasta. Each meal is accompanied by salads and fallowed by fresh fruit.  There are opportunities to buy fresh fish directly from local fisherman which we will meet on our route.  Turkish wines are little known in Europe. (But most of our guests are highly satisfied)
As we cook original Mediterranean kitchen we are also able to meet the requests of our vegetarian and diabetes guests.