1. Day: Welcoming you on board and spend the rest of the day and  the night in one of the quiet and beautiful bays in the area.  
2. Day: After breakfast  we sail the direction to Ölüdeniz, and we spend the day at Gemiler Island.
3. Day: We start sailing at 6.30 in the morning and arrive to Kalkan’s Yesilköy bay at about 10.00  o’clock. After lunch we continue to the small town Kaş  and spend the day somewhere in the bay or Kaş Harbour.
4. Day: We make our way to Kekova. First we visit Aperlai(sunken city)then we visit Kale village and  spend the night over there.
5. Day: After breakfast we may visit Myra and St.Nicolas Church .Then we sail to direction Kas or Kalkan. Evening we may visit the very beatiful old Mediterranean town Kalkan. 
6. Day: We start 6.30 in the morning  and arrive  to Ölüdeniz at about 10.00 o’clock. In the afternoon we may visit Fethiye  or we sail to Aliağa bay to spend the night.
7. Day: After breakfast, we anchor at  Roman  Bath  bay.In the afternoon we spend the day in one of the nice bays in the area.
8. Day: We release anchor to the Göcek port after breakfast!!!

 From Marmaris to Antalya (For two weeks)
1. Day:  Once, we’ve wellcomed you on board of our Gulet in Marmaris, mooring for beautiful bay of Turunc, a very nice spot for taking time out to swim and windsurf. Then on the Kadırga Bay to spend the night.
2. Day:  We make our way towards Ekincik Bay. Here we will have small boat trip along the canals and reeds of the Dalyan River, worlwide known, naturally preserved beach situated, on which Caretta Turtles leave their eggs.
3. Day:  we will sail towards Ağalimanı Bay. If we have good wind we will have the sails up. You will have along leisurely time for swimming, windsurfing, or sunbathing.
4. Day: Our second day in Fethiye Bay. On the west part of the Fethiye Bay, Göcek Bay appears. She is one of the nicest place along the Turkish coast line. Today you will see the most beautiful points of Göcek Bay.Your boat will be exploring twelve islands, stopping at Tersane island, Bedri Rahmi Bay and spend the night on the Hamam area (Roman Bath).
5.Day: In the  morning we will stop for lunch in a bay before sailing to Fethiye Harbour.Fethiye is a fairly old big town. While in Fethiye you may go shopping and sight-seeing. Lycian Rock Tombs above the old town are worth seeing. Here in Fethiye, you may join our mini-bustour to Tilos and the Hidden City (Saklı Kent).
6.Day:  We will have breakfast on the way to Oludeniz. Famous blue lagoon of Oludeniz is situated in a beautiful area but anchoring inside is not permitted, we stay for some time outside and fix the boat by the Gemiler Island. Here you may climb up the hill to see the Byzantine ruins and the wonderful view.
7. Day: This morning we start cruise very early. After four hours cruising we will arrive to Yesilkoy Limanı in Kalkan Bay. Again lots of time for swimming, windsurfing and sunbathing. In the evening we drop anchor in picturesque Kalkan harbour and visit the small town.
8. Day: We leave this charming little harbour after our mini-bus to Patara, Xantos and Letoon. We have lunch in a bay near Kas. In the evening we drop anchor at Kas Harbour and visit the town. The ancient name of this pretty town is Antiphellos.
9.Day:  We make our way to Kekova. We explore the fascinating Simena area with it’s bays, ruins, and sunken city. Spend the night in the pretty village of Kale Koy. Not only attractive houses and atmphosfere of this village makes this place interesting, but rock tombs and medival castle on the top of the hill and view from this castle is wonderfull.
10. Day: After breakfast we cruise to Andriake beach. You may join our mini-bustour to Myra and St.Nicholas Church. Myra is interesting with her Rocktombs. By the Byzantine era she was the most important city of Lycia. We spend the night in Gökkaya Limanı.
11.Day:  We cruise the small bay for having lunch before going on to Finike Harbour. You may join our tour to ancient Limyra and Arkyanda.
12. Day:  Another lazy day for taking things easy. We will spend the day in Çavus Limanı and the night at Porto Ceneviz Bay, which are unique with their nature.
13. Day:  We visit two Lycian city, Olimpos and Phasilis. Spend the night in Phasilis Bay. Phasilis is very important by being the first Greek colonial city in (B.C 696).
14.  Day:  We arrive in the Antalya Harbour around midday. You have the choice to join our tour to Perge and Aspendos or you may enjoy Antalya by shopping and sightseeing.
15.  Day: Transfer to the airport